Web Service in AS3

Reading Time: 1 minute

***UPDATE: CLICK HERE to read the latest about this subject and to download the completed web service class***

I haven’t been doing much with AS3 so I thought I would do a little experiment. Considering that I’ve been reading up on ASP.NET, I thought it would be good to figure out if AS3 has done anything new with the web service component. After searching the help files and doing a couple searches, I found out that Adobe did do something new…they got rid of it.

After reading some blogs and tutorials, accessing web services takes a little bit more than I’m used to. Now you must create a SOAP request manually, which is a little too much work if you’re working on a big project that’s heavy on web services.

That being said, I’ve been working on my very own web service class which will be able to call web service methods by specifying the method name and the required parameters. SOAP requests will be created at runtime which should minimize the amount of work needed.

As of this post, I’ve been able to successfully grab the available methods in a web service, along with every method’s required parameters. I’ll be using this data to create SOAP requests at runtime whenever a service method is called.

I’ll be posting more about this class as I build it out.